October 18, 2020

Grief Marks the Face

The story goes, it was reported in the local Courier newspaper, that my maternal Great Grandmother was killed  at the age of 54, by a bus in that part of Woodbury Park road where the pavement narrows into disintegration, the side where the ballet school used to be. Cars that were driving too fast up that hill from High Brooms would come screeching to a halt, unable to see the pedestrian for the thick privet hedge. It is said that she died instantly. It is said that my Grandmother, her daughter’s chestnut coloured hair, my rich inheritance, turned white on her head, overnight.  I knew a man I didn’t like very much, experience a terrible tragedy.

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March 6, 2020

I have to choose to believe that there is nothing I can’t do, or “Dream Big, Fight Hard”

Today, I have to choose to believe that there is nothing that I can’t do.  It is a conscious and bold choice, flying in the face of reality.  Yesterday, with grace and poise, Elizabeth Warren announced that she would no longer be a candidate for President of the US. A few months ago, I made the argument that Joe Biden or someone like him should be the Democratic nominee in the United States of America, because I was so tired of the insidious sexism that was emerging from the highest office in both their land and ours, the United Kingdom.  Their misogyny in leadership was enabling our misogyny in leadership, and I felt weary to my

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May 21, 2019

Retreating to Holy Island

“Katie can come back and help repopulate the island.” Going on a retreat was not quite what I had expected.   I had gone to Lindisfarne, a small tidal island off the northern Northumbrian coast, somewhere in the North Sea. It was nicknamed Holy Island as a result of the establishment of a monastery to convert the ‘wicked and barbarous’ people of Northumbria. The island itself was lovely, the usual influx of visitors each day, armed with walking boots, brightly coloured coats and ready energy, prepared to scale the castle walls and inhale the monastic air, which must surely result in a holy and peace-filled constitution. The variety of people, some face hardened in determination to

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